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Our live workshops bring professional teaching artists to inspire and guide participants to expand their world through creativity. Every program can be customized as a one-time, one-day event, or you can plan a resident artist program over the course of several days or weeks.

Creation Activation Lab FINAL PNG.png

Many of our Live Workshops can be made into virtual experiences too!



Make-a-Monster Paint Lab

Old landscape paintings are reimagined, as participants conceive and add their own monster to alter the narrative of each piece.

Braided Girl and Graffiti

Magic Mural Art Lab

Create a mural on the surface of your group’s choice. Make it a large canvas, or create

community art on a wall or other existing structure.

Asset 1.png

Songwriting Lab

Participants learn song structure and create a shared vision that ends in writing a full song.

Music and Movement

Storytelling Lab

Especially great for the youngest crowds, storytelling comes to life through fun songs and movement activities.

Cartoon Fox

Theatrical Improvisation Lab

Learn improv techniques and have fun working together and learning to be bold and brave with words and thoughts.

Kids Reading Book in Park

Fairy Fail to Modern Tale Playwrighting Lab

Participants work together to write and perform an original play or musical, often based on old fairy tales, badly in need of a modern makeover.

Cartoon Dog
African American Kids Dancing

Dance Lab

Introduction to different dance methods and fun combinations to unlock the magic of movement.

Yoga Buddies Lab

Introduction to yoga for kids, making it fun and focused.

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