The Team


So…what’s our story?


Well, I’m

Lara Filip, Executive Director/Chief Instigator


I love stories, history, performing arts, visual arts and the outdoors. I also really love horses. I’ve finally been able to combine my love of all these things into Inkwell Arts & Learning (except for horses…but one of these days!) I’ve been a professional writer, director and producer for many, many (many, many, many – I’m older than I look) years. I even still get up on stage as a singer and actor every once in a while. I have an album out there called Stop Time, if you want to check out my music. I’ve had the opportunity to perform in National touring productions and on just about every stage in the Chicago land area. I’m a proud member of the Actor’s Equity Association and a graduate of The Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Ariel pic.jpg

Let me introduce you to

Ariel Etana Triunfo, our Director of Story Discovery.

She’s like a way cooler version of a Literary Manager/Artistic Director hybrid. Her job is to explore the history of storytelling across the globe and find tales for us to develop into shows. She also keeps her finger on the pulse of society, to be sure we’re amplifying important voices and stories. She also happens to be an amazing triple threat and choreographer, but I’ll let her tell you about it. Hey, Ariel, what’s your story?

I’m Ariel Etana Triunfo! I also go by Ari. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved dance, music, stories, fairytales, nature, and, of course, horses! I’m a dancer, singer, actor, writer, poet, choreographer, dreamer, and creator of all kinds. I used to dance with a professional ballet company, and I’ve performed with various theatres in Chicagoland and around the U.S. I see art in everything and consider myself a weaver of dreams: someone who finds and makes connections between humanity and every different kind of art!


Cool! Ok, next, I want you to meet the man behind the media, our

Media Master, Dominic Rescigno.

He’s responsible for this awesome website and all of our video pieces and graphic design. He is also an indie filmmaker AND our resident Hans Christian Andersen!


Dominic, what’s the scoop? Tell us your story.

Greetings, web browser. I'm Dominic - an actor, writer, and designer living in Chicago! Aside from starring as Hans Christian Andersen with Inkwell, I've been lucky enough to perform with Lyric Opera of Chicago, The Second City, The Onion, ClickHole, and Walt Disney World. I was in Chicago's long-running comedy "Tony N' Tina's Wedding", and I just released a three-part web-series called "The Dominics", which you can see on Instagram or YouTube. Check out

my website for more!

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Nice. Next up, is our fabulous

Casting Queen, Rebecca Keeshin.

As the coordinator of our casting process, Becky gives everything a fun and positive vibe. Also, just so you know what’s up, we are dedicated to mentoring others, especially those from underrepresented groups in the world of casting. For every project, we also hire casting assistants who can give us fuller representation. 


So…What’s your story, Becky?

I'm Becky Keeshin, and I am the Casting Coordinator for Inkwell Arts and Learning. I absolutely love reading, playing music, acting, singing, dancing, cooking, and most importantly, hanging with my 11 year old man peekapoo, Thriller. You can even check out my new blog, The Bookish Vegan, where I combine my love of reading and plant-based cooking. I am a professional actor and Voice-Over Artist, and have traveled all over to perform at regional companies. I love getting to see the world while I perform. I am a proud graduate from The Theatre School at DePaul University with my BFA in Acting, and represented by DDO Chicago.

Becky 2.jpg
Av utah.jpg
Avery cosplay pic 2.jpg

Love it. And, last but not least, I want to introduce you to our incredible

Illustrator Extraordinaire, Avery Multer.

Avery created our logo and all of the beautiful art you see on our page. Avery, you brilliant thing you…What’s your story?

Hi there! I’m Avery Multer, 14-years-old and a lover of all things fantasy. I’m into anything that involves mythical creatures and dragons, supernatural elements, and special effects make-up. I’m into Manga and animé and especially like creating my own original characters. In fact, someday, I’d like to work in animation and write, illustrate, and animate my own stories. I also like cosplay, making my own costumes and props with whatever I have laying around the house. I also really love animals of all kinds and being outside in nature. Many of my illustrations feature natural elements combined with fantasy characters. 


I’ve drawn for as long as I can remember. When people ask me, “When did you start drawing?” I say, “Every little kid loves to draw. I just never stopped.” I like working with traditional mediums like ink, pencils, watercolor, and markers. But I also work a lot in digital mediums, specifically ProCreate. I’ve been lucky enough to have my work published several times in magazines and even a couple books. I’m excited to be working with Inkwell and can’t wait for everyone to meet Blot! Follow my Instagram!

Hey! What about me?!

Oh…Sorry! I almost forgot.

This is Blot.


Blot is our mascot and you’ll see them pop up from time to time. What is Blot? We see Blot as what happens when ink on a page comes to life…but Blot can really be whatever you imagine.